*** Advanced Warning - This article may contain some Poochy Pup Puns! ***

The Merch Wizard Dog Finder is a simple and exciting feature available to Elite Tier users (using v5.3 and above) that enables you to quickly scan your entire Merch By Amazon live listings and get a report showing which ones are going to the 'Dogs of Amazon' or 404 error pages like these:

This works similar to the Auto-Sync Feature but performs the search more quickly as it only opens the product page for all of your live listings and performing a quick search for some code that identifies if the listing is live & active or in the Dog House.

Once the Hound Hunt is complete, you'll get a simple list of all the URL links to your product listings that are currently inactive. This enables you to edit the listings (for example, by adjusting the price by $0.01) to make them active again pretty much straight away. You may also copy the list for emailing to Amazon if you want them to check for you.

Let's get straight into a step-by-step walkthrough of the feature if you want to understand how to use it properly and to see what it's doing. Feel free to just go ahead and start clicking some random dog buttons (you can't break anything), but you may have some questions which might be answered below...

Make Sure You Are Using v5.3 Or Above

When you open the Merch Wizard popup app, check in the top right-hand corner for the version number and make sure you are using v5.3 or above. Just restart Chrome and open the app once or twice to get the update automatically.

Dog Finder Button

Head over to your Merch by Amazon Manage page tab and wait until you see the Merch Wizard Dashboard. Then sniff out the Dog Finder button and click to retrieve the popup.

Dog Finder Popup


This enables you to search through all available marketplaces or choose a specific one


It's recommended to try this on 'Normal' speed first and see how well it runs depending on your computer and internet connection speed. If you have a dated setup, you might want to try a slower setting. If your tech is tip-top and flying high.. then don't be afraid to nudge this up a little.. or a lot. Just wind it back down if you end up with lots of tabs left open during or after a search

Search Term

You can optionally add a search term to instruct the Dog Finder to look for specific product listings. (Please note, this only searches the TITLE of your product listing)

Then just hit the massive green 'Find Those Dogs' button and off it goes... sniffing out those pesky mutts. 

What Happens If A Dog Is Found? (No need to return to it's owner)

Once the hunt is complete, you'll get a message informing you how the search went, with a table of Listings in the Dog House if any where found. From here you'll be able to edit individual listings or open them all in separate tabs using the 'Edit All' button. Just change the price slightly and resubmit to Merch.. that should get rid of those puppy pages in no time. 

Finally, just be aware, that each time you perform a new dog search, the results from the previous search are cleared, so if you want to make a note of them, simple select them all and copy/paste them into your preferred note app on your computer for later reference. 

Thanks for reading :) 

If you don't yet have an Elite tier subscription and wish to upgrade, just head over to our Pricing Page and click to purchase the Elite tier sub. If you already have another paid subscription, you'll need to cancel that subscription yourself from within your Gumroad account. Once you have the new Elite Tier subscription, Gumroad will give you a new licence key which you'll need to enter in your Merch Wizard settings page. Don't worry, you can't lose the data stored in your Airtable base.

If you've been recently charged (within the last 14 days), then send us a support ticket and we'll refund this month's charge on your previous plan here