Setting up Amazon Translate will allow you to translate up to 2 Million characters per month for FREE for the first year, using Merch Wizards translate buttons and Marketplace Migrator. Setup is super easy, and will only take a minute. Keep in mind that you'll need a valid payment method to get started.

Follow the step by step instructions below, or follow along with this complete setup video:

Step by Step Instructions

To get started, go here and click "create a new AWS account," as shown.

Follow the next few screens to input your new account information, as well as linking a payment account, to complete account creation.

When prompted to select a support plan, choose "free".

Next, click the yellow button to sign into the console.

Look to the upper right of the screen, where you will see your account name as a drop down menu. Click to reveal the menu, and select "My Security Credentials".

Select the "Access Keys" toggle to expand it, and then click the button, "Create a New Access Key".

On the modal that pops up, click the green "Add Keys to Merch Wizard" button.

You can confirm that the keys have been properly added by click the Wizard icon in your browser toolbar to open the Merch Wizard pop up app, click the gear icon to enter the settings, and navigate down the screen to the "Translate Options". You should see that Amazon is now selected in the dropdown, and you keys are present in their respective fields.

That's it, you're all set! 

Click here to view Google Translate setup instructions. You can setup both services to get even more free translations each month: